Auburn University OIT Building

Auburn, AL

Auburn University’s new Office of Information Technology (OIT) Building was completed in February 2011. This state-of-the-art building houses the majority of Auburn’s production equipment, previously located in another building on campus. It also provides space for over 140 OIT staff and student employees, enabling consolidation of OIT employees from nine different buildings. The building is a candidate for LEED Silver Certification and was awarded Auburn University’s Spirit of Sustainability Award for the commitment and financial investment to build a sustainable and reliable building.

Data Center
  • Assist with developing the overall requirements for data
    center, current and future
  • Develop preliminary and final layout of the data center to be used by the project team for design purposes
  • Provide design services for the data center distribution cabling system infrastructure, including the Cat. 6 cabling and fiber optic cabling
  • Developed the overall network and infrastructure requirements
  • Create 3D BIM model to detect construction conflicts and to coordinate the relocation and installation of new and existing data center equipment
  • Develop relocation and migration plan for data center
  • Manage data center relocation.


Ross & Baruzzini | EDI Services

As the technology consultant, Ross & Baruzzini | EDI provided the following Data Center Services:

  • Programming
  • Design
  • Relocation
  • Move Management
Project Size
4,400 SF data centerProject Cost
$13 millionProject Completion
February 2011