EDI Celebrates 30th Anniversary with an “Ode to EDI”

by: Barney Burroughs

It’s true…it’s true…it’s 30 years for EDI, L…T…D
Don started it as ”M” then added ”P” but had no ”E”
Along came Jerry and it became a full service ”MEP”
But then came Jim, low and behold, it’s now ”IT”.

Don had his vision, his Tech degree and his red hair.
If things did not go right, he could be a real ”bear”.
He used training, and planning along with luck as a seasoning.
Then he added an MBA to help with his reasoning.

EDI’s climb has been upward, right of his cellar,
And once above ground, the history has been stellar.
Things were not always great over this three decade run.
Some steps back but the trip forward has been great fun.

Don needed other’s help as he played this game.
They all came to the table with their goals the same.
They worked together to build this fine team
Planning and hard work equals success, it would seem.

Much can happen over the span of 20 years and ten.
And it’s a ”kick” to love back to see where you’ve been.
But it’s a lot like being on a river running wild with full flow…
What’s around the next bend…the next mile, who is to know?

History, though, is a teacher…a clue to the future way
We raise a glass to celebrate this special birthday day.
And to Don who held the course staying at the helm,
To a lesser man, those three decades might overwhelm.

So here is to Don Kinser with the hair now not so red…
And to EDI and its continued success, as it now can be said.
Repeating the mantra above and ignoring any rough water ahead,
The three decades was great run…but the way ahead will be great fun!