Craig Burnley and Paul Remke win EDI’s 2013 Count on Us Award!

Each year, EDI is proud to award it’s annual “Count on Us” Award to the EDI associate that best exemplified EDI’s values and beliefs throughout the year. Paul Remke and Craig Burnley are co-winners of EDI’s 2013 “Count on Us” award! Congratulations Craig and Paul! Normally we select a single winner, but this year both Paul and Craig have done a great job, so we decided to honor them both. Thank you both for a job well done!

See what our employees have said about Paul:

paulremke_square“Paul maintains EDI’s visibility with the client through regular communication. He addresses problems and issues with the client in a positive manner, making EDI a problem solver, rather than a problem creator.”

“Paul is always thinking of customer service. He not only seeks to provide the client with the best consulting and design services he can provide but he goes out of his way to be a team player the rest of the AEC team can depend on.”

“Paul is easy to work with and always gets back to me in a timely manner. He is willing to above and beyond what is asked and returns phone calls and emails promptly.”

See what our employees have said about Craig:

craigburnley_square“Craig always has a great attitude that has a positive effect on other employees. His “Can Do” spirit is extended directly to our clients…”

“Craig is a great team player. The production department is often very busy but Craig always finds a way to fit in the extras that I need to meet my client’s deadlines.”

“Craig’s level of service is outstanding. Craig will stay after hours to accommodate the difference in time zones between EDI offices and he has never missed one of my deadlines.”