We are committed to the highest ethical standards because we want people to know they can count on us. This commitment flows naturally from our responsibilities to our customers, our owners, our vendors and suppliers, our families, the communities where we live and work, and to each other. Trust is at the heart of these commitments, and trust can only be built on honesty and dependability – on ethical conduct.

Our Customers Can Count On Us

We believe our first responsibility is to the people who count on us as their trusted advisors. Everything else hinges on this. We will deal with customers straightforwardly and honestly. They will know they can depend not only on our experience and knowledge, but also on our word and our character. We promise only what we can deliver. When we err, we make things right.

Our Vendors & Suppliers Can Count On Us

The vendors and suppliers of products we specify must know we will be fair. Our customers’ interests will dictate our decisions about what products and services we specify. The vendors and suppliers of products we specify must also know we will be fair. Ross & Baruzzini | EDI’s interests will dictate the products and services we specify. Our decisions regarding what products we specify or purchase will be based on factors such as quality, price, service, and reliability.

Our Families Can Count On Us

We want our families to be proud of our character as individuals in the jobs we do and proud that we work for a company known for its integrity. We seek a healthy balance between our work and family lives.

Our Communities Can Count On Us

Beyond the quality consulting and design services expected from us, the cities and towns where we operate can also count on us for help in civic, charitable, and other community activities.

We Can Count On Each Other

We take pride in the quality of our collective efforts at Ross & Baruzzini | EDI; we take pride in the integrity of our company. A company’s reputation is built on what its people do every day. Ross & Baruzzini | EDI’s reputation was built on the honesty of our people, and we recognize that we can diminish that reputation in one single instant. We also know that we can reinforce it every day.

We will be even-handed with everyone around us – in scheduling work, in assigning jobs, in awarding incentives and promotions, and in the way we treat one another generally. Each of us expects to be heard, and we in turn pledge to listen. We want honesty and openness – about mistakes, as well as successes. We will speak out when we see ethical lapses. We expect that no one will ask us to do anything wrong. Likewise, we will not ask anyone else to do anything wrong.

Satisfying the letter of the law is not enough. Ours is a higher standard. Ross & Baruzzini | EDI’s obligations are for the long term – not just for this quarter or this year. These obligations demand we pledge our professional integrity and personal ethics. We will build on Ross & Baruzzini | EDI’s heritage of integrity so that people will have an abiding trust in the company and our employees; they will know they can count on us. That is our pledge.